Restaurants in New Quay with Vegan Options

Are you Vegan and looking for somewhere to eat in New Quay?  Here are some of the options:

Old Watch House

South John Street

There are vegan shepherds pie, dahl and burgers on the current menu. Please state vegan when ordering as it depends what potato goes on the shepherds pie and what cheese goes on the burger.

Bosuns Locker Cafe

Glanmor Terrace

Has a number of vegan dishes and can also provide a vegan breakfast

Penwig – Brains Pub

John Street

Current Menu:

Starter: Beetroot and carrot falafel bites

Mains: Pulled jackfruit & mixed grain salad or Sweet potato, red pepper & spinach curry

Sides: Onion rings, Chips, Breaded halloumi fries, Cheesy garlic bread, Dressed side salad, or green beans and broccoli

No deserts

Lime Crab Takeaway

South John Street

The chips are suitable for vegans, cooked separately from animal products and they also have a vegan Goan chickpea curry.

Pasty Pasty Takeway

South John Street

Has 1 vegan pasty