4 Years On

Been watching Escape to the Country Revisited and the changes that 1 couple had made to their smallholding in 2 years. My thought was, oh didn’t do much here in 2 years – but did a lot by the end of year 4 … so I found myself going through the achievements here

  • 1st thing was to take back the small field by the chickens. It has been ploughed a number of times but growing has been difficult because of the weeds. The decision to buy a couple of pigs to turn over the soil was abandoned with that bit of land last year due to other things going on. They are definitely back on the agenda this year though.
  • 8 rescue hens were bought and entertained everyone. Unfortunately they died over a period of a year, so 4 Leghorns and 4 Ambers arrived. Thankfully, they are flourishing and producing delicious eggs.
  • A large number of raspberry bushes were planted and provide us with autumn fruit to back up the summer crop. A fruit cage was built but has collapsed as a result of the snow – another project for this summer.
  • Part of another field was taken off the sheep. It was fenced off and a 30ft polytunnel was erected and a number of fruit trees planted.
  • The house is little changed and Rainbow Cottage is still available for let, but the big change came when planning permission was finally given to build the old barns higher. The dilapidated range of barns were repaired and built up, and Ty Ceiniog was born. Ty Ceiniog = House of a penny and is named as the bottom barn was our cat’s (Penny) safe place if scary people or dogs appeared. The cottage was finished July 2016. The second cottage in that range is still on the to do list.

On reflection, a lot has been achieved here, and it is now time to start going out and about and enjoying the wonderful County we live in.  Photos to accompany this post can be found on the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Llainwen-Cottages-805417242867889/